Union busters are more prevalent than they seem, and may soon even be at the NLRB | Economic Policy Institute

On April 25, POLITICO reported that the Trump administration is considering Minneapolis attorney Doug Seaton to fill a vacancy on the NLRB. Seaton is a well-known union-avoidance consultant, otherwise known as a “persuader” or, more accurately, a union buster.

When workers seek to organize and bargain collectively, employers often hire so-called “persuaders” to orchestrate and roll out time-tested, anti-union campaigns. Union-avoidance consultants do exactly what their job titles describe: they help employers keep their businesses union-free, by either defeating union organizing campaigns or assisting with decertification efforts to unseat an existing union.

Seaton’s firm describes their services this way: “We partner with non-union employers to develop effective and lawful avoidance strategies for maintaining union-free workplaces and counsel them on how to respond to union organizing campaigns.”

via Union busters are more prevalent than they seem, and may soon even be at the NLRB | Economic Policy Institute


Busting myths about raising the minimum wage

Sourced from: http://rankandfile.ca/2017/01/20/busting-myths-about-raising-the-minimum-wage/

“A $15 minimum wage would pump billions of dollars into the pockets of low-wage workers and thus the Ontario economy. Jobs would be created as a result and the economic activity would more than compensate for any losses incurred by businesses that can only function on poverty wages. With the minimum wage going up, workers become more valuable to businesses and jobs generally get better. Workers get more training and there is less turnover. Businesses can put more energy into raising efficiency rather than keeping tabs on workers in poverty.”

The Unions Must Fight Against Right to Work!

Sourced from:http://leftvoice.org/The-Unions-Must-Fight-Against-Right-to-Work

“Republicans in Congress have introduced amendments to the National Labor Relations Act and Railway Labor Act aimed at crippling the right to organize a union. Such national “Right-To-Work” legislation has long been on the wish list of the right wing and big business and is aimed at gutting the ability of the unions to finance themselves and fight back against the bosses’ agenda. The proposed legislation would target the union shop and the unions’ right to collect fees for representation.”