Donald Trump Has Always Degraded Women | Time

Mr. Trump’s misogyny is more than a personal proclivity. He has hired an astoundingly small number of women for positions in his administration (and even fewer people of color). He is happy to join forces with the religious right to curtail women’s rights at home and abroad, signing, for example, legislation that makes it harder for vulnerable women in developing countries to get birth control. And of course his very presence in the White House excuses the kind of behavior he exhibited on tape, on the radio with Howard Stern, and in print. It tells women and girls that we aren’t valuable for our hard work, our intelligence, or our accomplishments, but that our purpose in the world is to please men. Even more dangerously, it tells men and boys the same thing: That women are disposable objects, useful for sex and childbearing but not human beings deserving of respect and dignity, let alone power.

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