Smoke & Mirrors

The Presidency, starting with Donald J. Trump, is taking on life of its own, the tail wagging the dog, I find it like having a meal that makes you feel full but soon you realize that you are just bloated and received absolutely no nutrition!

From Twitter to Facebook to CNN the Trump Presidency seems to be taking over the waking hours of people around the world, make no mistake HE IS STILL ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL and has yet to start being a PRESIDENT!

I have been following Dan Rather on Facebook and get the sense he is disgusted with the way the 45th President is leading America!

Sourced from Dan Rather, Facebook: “This is a man who made a lot of promises on the campaign about helping those struggling in society, about leading the United States to greatness in such things as fighting disease. If anyone had any doubt about the hollowness of his words, this philosophy is all the evidence one would need.”