Media Control & The New World Order

I know it sounds like CONSPIRACY THEORY, but as I was doing a little reading of the current political news, the thought came to me “how much can I trust what I am reading” who owns or controls the media.

So I did a little research first just searching on Google “newspaper political endorsements” and narrowed the search down to Canada, found this link from the Canadian Journalism Project as I pursued this a little further I wanted to know “who owns what paper(s)”? Now I am starting to think “holy crap really” found this story from the NATIONAL POST a separatist from Quebec bills themselves as the largest Canadian Publisher.

Well sure enough as my “questioning” nature got the best of me, I went a little further and wanted to see how deeply we have fallen into being led by a select group of “MEDIA MOGULS” and came across this link (this is a pdf link to the 2014 newspapers owners groups) sure enough out of 111 newspapers Quebecor/Sun  Media publish 38 followed by the #2 spot Torstar Corp with 13, #3 TC Media with 11 the rest of them don’t even come close.

How does this connect with THE NEW WORLD ORDER?  Well I guess maybe that is just my gut feeling that we are all being led and manipulated by a VERY SELECT GROUP OF VERY,VERY RICH PEOPLE.

Where does Canada sit in this? Well I don’t have the answers for that but I suggest we ALL open our eyes, get involved and do some research.